Robin Walker has dedicated his professional life to understanding and helping children and teens feel better about themselves.  His 20+ years in the mental health field have given him a unique point of view which he wants to share here.

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This is a site dedicated to helping parents, educators and therapists better understand what child psychotherapy is all about.

It's silly to think of a child on a couch discussing feelings of hope and loss, discouragement and anger, and so on.

It's not silly, though to imagine a child in a guiding relationship with a knowledgeable adult that includes play, conversation, warmth and an appropriate challenge.

Helping children feel better about themselves is a difficult thing to explain.  Children can't always tell us what they're feeling, or what they need, so we rely on our observations, experiences, and on our own memories of being young to help them feel better about themselves.  A child therapist speaks the language of childhood, and can help translate life's lessons.  This site will answer some of your questions about the therapeutic process, and educate you as to how psychotherapy works with children.

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Enjoy the site.  I hope it helps you understand your children and the children you work with!
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